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    Whole Grain

    Why whole grain?

    At Nestlé Cereals we passionately believe in the importance of whole grains at breakfast time and we’re very proud that all our cereals with the green banner have whole grain as their number one ingredient.


    Whole grains mean you are getting all 3 parts of the grain in the same proportions as they are naturally found - this includes the outer bran, the starchy centre and the core, all bringing a unique combination of nutrients to our cereals!

    All our products with the green banner have whole grain as the number one ingredient meaning they are also a source of fibre* and recommended as part of a healthy and balanced diet**.


    Did you know?


    *Find out more about fibre

    **NHS Eatwell Guide



    Over the last 18 years, our teams have worked hard to improve the nutritional profile of our cereals.

    We've reformulated our recipes to increase the overall amount of whole grain and fibre while significantly improving the average amount of sugar and salt. All while keeping the same great taste! Keeping our cereals delicious over time is a key priority for our teams.

    A bowl of Shreddies with strawberries


    From field to bowl, we take responsibility at each step of the way about how we select ingredients, how we produce the cereals you love, how we pack them and how they are transported to customers.

    What is the journey of our ingredients?

    • It all starts with sourcing responsibly - ensuring consistent quality for our ingredients
    • Setting up buying standards
    • Supporting our farmers
    • This continues all the way through to our factories by improving packaging sustainability
    • Implementing quality and safety standards
    • Optimising our logistic chain to reduce our impact on the planet.
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