Nick Knowles standing at at the breakfast table with a family. Shreddie For Anything

    Shreddie For Anything

    When things get tough, don't eat soft!

    Are you Shreddie For Anything?

    At Shreddies we know how important the mornings are! And
    how getting you (and the kids) ready for the day is a massive

    So there you go, we've got a solution for you.

    Armed with a bowl of Shreddies you will be ready in no-time!

    nick knowles image

    Nick Knowles

    “I’m Nick ‘get-it-done’ Knowles. I get up 10 minutes early, just to wake up my alarm. When opportunity doesn’t knock, I build it a door. That’s why I eat Shreddies. It helps you put mornings in a vice when things get tough. Making you Shreddie for Anything.”

    Nick Knowles

    Shreddies Original

    Shreddies Whole Grain Wheat

    Four layers of whole grain wheat, weaved into delicious malty, milk-loving
    squares for a satisfyingly crunchy bite at breakfast!

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