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10 Fun and Easy Breakfast Ideas For Kids

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Child and Adult eating breakfast together

They’re yawning. They’re rubbing their eyes. After a long night’s sleep, it’s important for children to have a tasty, balanced breakfast to get them up and running for the day ahead. 

Looking for easy breakfast ideas for kids that even picky eaters can get on board with? Here are some fun breakfast recipes for kids to help you make the most important meal of the day, the most exciting one!

8 Easy and fun breakfast ideas for kids

Keeping your kids entertained and interested in breakfast can be a tricky challenge, however, cereal doesn’t just have to be put in a bowl and have milk poured over it. There are many different recipes in which cereal can be used to make fun breakfast ideas for kids, but still tasty. So, take a look at the tasty cereal recipes below and take your pick! 


1. Breakfast Waffles 

All kids and adults love waffles, and what makes these even more special is that they are made with our famous NESQUIK® cereal! A magical combination. These tasty NESQUIK® waffles are great for a special breakfast made using 100g of blended NESQUIK® cereal, 150 ml of semi-skimmed milk, 20g caster sugar, 2 egg whites and 120g wholemeal flour. Ready in only 9 minutes, these waffles are a great easy breakfast for kids that can be shared with the whole family!

If you want to make these waffles even fresher and flavourful, add some low fat Greek yoghurt and fresh fruit as a topping to them once cooked. 


2. Rainbow Jar

Somewhere over the rainbow, there lived a rainbow jar full of fun! This SHREDDIES® cereal rainbow jar is full of tasty fresh fruit and Greek-style yoghurt. The colourful display of fruit combined with the flavour of Greek yoghurt will be sure to get your kid’s taste buds tingling. A combination of blueberries, kiwis, strawberries, tangerines, CHEERIOS® and SHREDDIES®, this jar is jam-packed with fun and tastiness. They’d be Shreddie For Anything that the day throws at them.*

3.  Mini Pancakes

There has never been a moment where the family have turned their nose up at pancakes, which is why CHEERIOS® mini whole grain pancakes are a great easy breakfast option! Whether it’s a weekend or a weekday, these pancakes are ready in under 30 mins! 

So, if you are wanting to start the school day with a plate of mini pancakes, or are wanting to have a fun family-weekend morning, these CHEERIOS® mini pancakes are great to share with fresh fruit and low-fat yoghurt!


4. Breakfast Muffins

Breakfast muffins are a tasty breakfast option for the whole family. Make these into mini muffins for the ideal size for small hands. These are also made with delicious apple sauce – many children’s favourite! If you make enough of these, they are also great as a lunchbox surprise. 

These muffins bake in just 30 mins and contain 9 ingredients, one of which are the tasty O’s we all know and love, CHEERIOS®


5. Overnight CHEERIOS® Porridge 

This fun kids’ breakfast idea is as simple as can be. Overnight oats are a yummy breakfast that your kids will love. Make it even more fun by popping it in a fun-shaped jar, or glass. This quick and easy overnight oat breakfast can be ready in as little as 2 minutes. Using only 7 ingredients, including the tasty Honey CHEERIOS®, this breakfast is simple and yummy.


6. Berry Nice Smoothie

This no-nonsense smoothie is tasty and colourful! Made with fresh or frozen berries, it’s great for those on-the-go breakfast ideas for kids. And what’s better, they will be getting a flavoursome taste of fresh fruit and SHREDDIES® Original! This smoothie is great for those that follow a vegan diet, as there are no animal products used to create this pink drink.

Our vegan berry smoothie is blended up in as little as 5 minutes so that you can make sure your morning gets off to a timely start. 


7. Fruitylicious Breakfast Bars

Breakfast bars can be a great option, especially for those more stressful mornings! The recipe is simple and takes just under an hour to make. Thanks to our tasty CHEERIOS®, these breakfast bars are full of yummy flavours and serve up to 8.
These apple and berry cereal bars are also a great option to pop into a school-packed lunch or as a snack on a family trip out and about.

8. Mix and Match Cereal!

Children can get bored of food faster than grown-ups can come up with new and fun breakfast ideas for their kids. So, when creativity can’t keep up, mix and match! Go for a mashup of their favourite cereals to get them excited about the morning bowl of cereals.
Here are a few mix and match cereal ideas to get you started:

Original SHREDDIES® and Multigrain CHEERIOS® make a delicious pair and a satisfying crunch for breakfast time.
NESQUIK® cereal and Original SHREDDIES® mix is full of flavour whole grain and delicious chocolatey flavour.

Our BOX BOWLS® are also a great way to make breakfast more fun for your kids! Get them to play a blind grab-out-the-hat, style game. Pop the boxes of cereal in a bag, and without looking get your kid to choose a box at random!

Breakfast on-the-go ideas for kids

Being in a rush doesn’t have to mean forfeiting a yummy breakfast. So, why not take breakfast on the school run? In an ideal world, there would be plenty of time to sit down with your little ones and offer them a freshly made breakfast. However, in real life, even eating on the school run is better than nothing! So, here are a few tasty recipes that are great for those on-the-school-run breakfasts!

1. SHREDDED WHEAT® breakfast bars

These SHREDDED WHEAT® breakfast bars are a tasty and convenient breakfast to start the day. Containing 7 ingredients, of which includes the much-loved SHREDDED WHEAT® Original made with 100% British whole grain wheat, and ready in under 20 minutes. These breakfast bars are a yummy addition to the morning school run. 



If your little ones are fans of Winnie the Pooh, then this SHREDDED WHEAT® coconut and mango smoothie is the ideal grab-and-go breakfast for them. Made using the one and only SHREDDED WHEAT® Original, combined with Coconut, Mango, Banana, vanilla and flaxseed, this yellow concoction really is tasty! This smoothie is a great way to disguise any fruit that your kids may be a bit fussy about eating too. 

Ready in as little as 12 minutes, this smoothie is easy to blend up, pop in a bottle and give to your little ones on the way to school. 

Creating easy breakfast ideas for kids can be challenging, especially with fussy eaters. But they can be made fun using any of the recipes mentioned above! For even more inspiring breakfast ideas, check out our delicious cereal toppings ideas.