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Top Ways to Explore the Outdoors with Kids

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Top Ways to Explore the Outdoors with Kids

Adventure is calling! Go for a fun day out with the entire family and explore the best of what nature has to offer. We put together a list of activities guaranteed to satisfy the little ones’ sense of wonder and curiosity. Plus, they’ll get to practice useful skills such as coordination and problem-solving. Here are our favourite outdoor family activities and ways to spend time outside together.


Bug hunting

There’s no better way to have fun outdoor activities with children than the promise of meeting some of the most amazing creatures nature has to offer. Get a good magnifying glass and start looking together for bugs everywhere you can, including flowering plants and under rocks. Why not make it a competition to see who can find the biggest number of insects? Use a notepad or take pictures of every bug they discover and tally up at the end.


Family tree climbing

Tree climbing with ropes can be a thrilling adventure for the entire family. Find the nearest company offering recreational tree climbing and give it a go. You’ll have instructors on hand showing you and the kids exactly what to do. The great thing about this activity is that everyone can do it at their own pace. And whenever you need a break, you can just stop and admire the view. If the little ones are not ready yet for their first tree climb, they can still have loads of fun just swinging in the harness and cheering everybody else on.


Nature scavenger hunt

No matter the season, there’s always a good scavenger hunt you can go on with the entire family. It’s one of the best ways for kids to get up close to nature and practice their observation skills at the same time. The list of things to find is endless: from smooth stones to blades of glass, four-leaf clovers and acorns. Visit your local wood, a nearby park or why not get started right in your backyard!


Biking activities

Explore the trails on a bike! What a wonderful way to spend time outdoors while staying active. And if the kids are not yet confident in their biking skills, why not sign up for a class together? They’ll have lots of fun making new friends and learning to master bike riding in the process.


Go hiking

There are plenty of child-friendly hikes in the UK. So, if you’ve got nothing planned for the weekend, and you're looking for more fun outdoor activities, look up easy local walks that kids can join. A useful tip is to find an exciting route that includes interesting discoveries such as a small stream or a trail with a variety of flowers they can explore. If the trail you choose has plenty of twists and turns, take a compass with you and ask everyone to tap into their inner explorer. How quickly can everyone find North?


Build your own Jurassic Park

Make hikes and picnics even more exciting by getting everyone involved in re-creating the Jurassic Park world. Collect nature’s best building materials including twigs, stones or leaves and let imagination take over. Remember that some dinosaurs eat plants while others like to swim or fly. Kids can create different habitats, including caves and ponds, and make their dinosaur toys feel at home.



Now that you’re feeling inspired to take the entire family for a fun day outdoors, here is a handy list of things you should never leave your house without when going on your adventures in the nature:

  • A sturdy backpack
  • Extra clothes
  • Water bottles
  • Breakfast on the go (our favourites are the Box Bowls Selection Pack including all the favourite cereals)
  • Bags for trash
  • Sun protection
  • Picnic blankets
  • Small toys to keep the little ones entertained
  • Notepads and pencils
  • Rain jackets



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