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Easy Corn Crafts for Kids to Make

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Easy and Cute Corn Crafts for Kids to Make

This humble golden grain has made dishes and desserts more delicious for generations. From popcorn to corn on the cob and corn flakes, there are so many ways to enjoy this starch which originated in Mexico thousands of years ago. But the corn’s magic doesn’t stop there. It turns out that with a little bit of imagination you can turn this grain into one of the most versatile helpers for fun kids’ activities and creative play time.

Here are a few corn crafts for kids that will make you love the grain even more.


We know corn as the unmistakeable golden grain, but what if we could turn its signature beads into a colourful rainbow of bright shades, perfect for little ones to play with? There is a way with this easy corn craft. 


What you need for the dye corn kernels craft

All you need is zip lock bags, food colouring and vinegar.



  1. Put the canned corn in zip bags and add enough vinegar to cover it
  2. Add a few drops of food colouring in each bag
  3. Let the corn sit and absorb the colours for about an hour
  4. Take the corn out of the bag and let it dry

That’s it! Once dry, the multi-coloured corn is ready to be incorporated in so many activities. We’re thinking lovely, colourful cards no matter the occasion adorned with grains in rich shades. Or why not make learning counting more fun for the little ones by using the various colours of these corn kernels as a visual representation of different numbers? 
Our top tip for this kids’ corn craft: create more stunning shades by mixing the colours together, blue and yellow for a vibrant green or red and blue for lovely purples.



Now that you’ve got colourful corn ‘beads’ all lined up and waiting to be used in all sorts of crafts, here is one of our favourites: corn mosaic. Mosaics were quite the rage in Ancient Rome with many of these patterns of irregular, coloured pieces decorating homes and public spaces. You can give this old art form a go yourself and enlist the help of the kids for a fun, easy art project.


What you need for the corn mosaic craft

  • Dyed corn kernels (check out our previous corn craft idea for inspiration)
  • Glue
  • Thick paper or cards



  1. Simply lay the corn out, preferably grouped based on the different colours
  2. Give the kids a bottle of glue and let the inspiration flow
  3. For a bit of guidance, you can also draw contours of different object using a pencil and let the kids colour them in using the corn kernels.

This is also a great opportunity to let children practice their skills at drawing shapes, numbers and letters. Plus, why not incorporate other elements? If you’ve got stickers or fun leftovers from other crafts such as googly eyes, add them into the mix and let kids figure out ways to put it all together for a fun art project. Why not use their favourite cereals as well? Go for the Cheerios’ tasty little O’s or use the delicious GoFree Corn Flakes for a corn-themed play time.



Out of corn, but you’re keen on having a corn craft day with the kids? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Why not create together your own corn plant out of paper, while introducing this important grain to the little ones?


What you need for this corn craft for kids

  • Green paper
  • White paper
  • Glue
  • Water colours



  1. Let the kids paint small round shapes on a sheet of white paper using the water colours
  2. Once dried, cut the paper into corn shapes
  3. Use the green paper to cut out corn leaves and glue them to either side of the corn shape

You can also use coloured-paper to draw small circles, cut them out and let the kids glue them to the white paper before cutting into the corn shapes. Why not add a pair of googly eyes and a smiley face to turn this corn craft into a friendly character?



If you’re up for a gardening project, corn is an excellent plant to grow in a pot on the window sill or in your garden.  And you can let the kids plant the seeds for a fun craft. 


What you need for this corn craft

  • Deep, large pots
  • Soil
  • Corn seeds



  1. Put 4-6 corn seeds in each pot and cover them with soil. They should be one to one and a half inches deep.
  2. Place the seeds a few inches apart from the edge of the container and 5 inches apart from each other
  3. Add plenty of water and find a sunny spot in your house or garden for the corn plant to grow

Don’t forget to water the plant every day and if you want to give it a helping hand, plant food can also be used. In a few weeks you’ll have corn ready to enjoy straight out of your garden.

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