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    • A top down view of a bowl of cereals - a spoon with a smiling face made of cereals

      How to make cereals - in four simple steps!

      Have you ever wonder how breakfast cereals are made? -the way we bake is not a whole lot different from the way you bake! Find out more here Read the full article
    • How to grow grain

      If your child is curious about how grain is grown, why not have them try for themselves? Follow our guide and they’ll be little farmers in no time! Read the full article
    • Children playing with their parents

      Weekend breakfast time - Fun for all the family

      Make breakfast fun and unique for all the family by creating games and activities - or by simply using some of Nestlé's other breakfast ideas Read the full article
    • Switching to whole grain is easier than you think

      Whilst food made from refined flour can be good for you, find out more here about the benefits of brown foods and why you should switch to whole grain Read the full article
    • 14 Tips to Start Your Morning Routine

      Start your morning with a balanced breakfast to help you face the day. Nestlé has a variety of cereals for you to choose from! Read the full article
    • A whole lot of fun whole grain facts

      Whole grain can play an important role in your daily intake of nutrients. Nestlé has a few fun facts about whole grain which you may not be aware of! Read the full article