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Corn Flakes Recipes for Breakfast and Every Other Meal

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The golden corn flakes in your cupboard seem destined for your breakfast bowl and a splash of milk. But throw in a bit of inspiration and you will be surprised by how many wonderful combinations you can create with this simple ingredient. From colourful and crunchy snack mixes to irresistible chicken burgers and delicious oatmeal muesli, there is no shortage of Nestlé corn flakes recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And each one of them is ready to spoil your taste buds. Even corn flakes cookies are a must-try for anyone in love with breakfast cereals.

Here are our favourite Nestlé GoFree corn flakes recipes we think you should try ASAP.



Gluten-free cinnamon corn flakes snack mix recipe

Wishing you can have your favourite snacks in one bowl and enjoy them all in one go? We’ve got the perfect corn flake recipe for you. Almonds, avocado, dried fruit, maple syrup and GoFree cereals make a wonderful concoction of irresistible textures and colours. Plus, this whole yummy snacking adventure is gluten-free too! We’ve got the simple step-by-step instructions for a delicious Cinnamon Corn Flake Snack Mix here.


Berry oatmeal muesli recipe with corn flakes

Discover a new twist on the classic corn flakes breakfast. Nestlé GoFree Corn Flakes Cereal, oats, honey, walnuts and yoghurt are a match made in heaven. Add a cup of fresh berries to the mix and you’ve got a delicious way to start off your day. Try our berry oatmeal muesli recipe and you’ll be wondering if this is a treat or a breakfast meal. We say it’s both!


Italian chicken burgers with corn flakes

How about a surprising corn flakes recipe? These cereals are at home on your kitchen countertop at breakfast time, but they can make an impressive addition to your lunch too! Finely crushed GoFree Corn Flakes are the secret ingredient in this Italian chicken burgers recipe. Mix it with your favourite ground meat, finely chopped onions, vinaigrette dressing, garlic and basil. Prep a little side salad and you’ve got a show-stopping burger mixture ready to impress.


Pork schnitzel recipe with corn flakes

This recipe sounds and tastes like pure magic, but hear us out! It’s entirely possible to prepare a delicious pork schnitzel with a crumb mixture made out of just corn flakes and cheese. The result is fabulous grilled pork slices in a crispy gluten free coating. Add your favourite salad next to it and you’ve got a delightful meal you’ll want to try again and again. Need we say more? Discover the simple pork schnitzel recipe here.


Corn-crusted fish tacos recipe

Prepare yourself a delightful Mexican culinary fiesta at home with a few simple ingredients. The instructions are so easy to follow: fill tortillas with fish, avocado, lettuce and top with lemon wedges. But to give this recipe the delicious twist it deserves, coat the fish with golden corn flakes crumbs and lemon peel. Trust us, it’s a wonderful combination! Here is the corn-crushed fish tacos recipe so you can try it yourself.


Meat pies with potato mash and corn flakes recipe

Who knew that meat pies and corn flakes recipes have anything in common? We’ve sprinkled some golden gluten free corn flakes on top of mouth-watering meat pies and the result is such a fabulous meal idea that will surely end up in your weekly rotation too. Discover the simple meat pies with potato mash recipe here and delight your loved ones with a new twist on an old family favourite.

There you have it! Our top Nestlé corn flakes recipes revealed! The next time you open your GoFree cereal box, remember how many wonderful meals these humble crispy flakes of golden corn can help you prepare.

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