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18 Delicious Cereal Toppings for Your Breakfast

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Bowl of Shredded Wheat Honey and Nut with Strawberries and Apple

Rise and shine with a breakfast you can have ready in seconds and so delicious that it will put a smile on your face. When you make breakfast every morning, they can become quite repetitive, and you may be wondering how you can make your breakfasts a little bit more interesting.
The secret? Cereal toppings.

We want you to make the most of every bowl, which is why we have come up with some tasty topping ideas to take your breakfast from good to great. Carry on reading to find your ideal topping, and discover how to make cereal a little more interesting.

Why try out different cereal toppings?

Cereal toppings are a great way to add more balance to your cereal bowl. Aim to serve your cereal with milk, fruit, a source of protein and glass of water.
Cereal toppings can be used to add extra nutrients, a bit more flavour, or bulk out your bowl. There is a range of cereal toppings, from chopped nuts to low-fat Greek yoghurt and cinnamon powder to fresh berries, the choices are varied!

Cereal toppings to add a source of protein to your breakfast

Whether you’re after a protein breakfast or just want to jazz up the morning meal, here is how to top up your favourite cereals with nutrients that will set up the whole family for the day ahead.


1. Chopped nuts for a crunchy breakfast

Add a source of protein to your bowl of cereals with a crunchy addition. Cashews, almonds and walnuts are not only tasty, but they also add protein to your diet. So, why not take crunchiness to a new level and add a handful of your favourite nuts to a bowl of SHREDDIES®


2. Seeds for a source of protein

Adding a spoonful of seeds such as chia, linseed, sunflower and pumpkin gives your bowl a mild and nutty flavour which pairs well with your chosen cereal. The texture of the raw form seed can be quite crunchy and dense. A mixture of seeds with nuts makes for a great cereal topping in your bowl.


3. Peanut butter for a smooth nutty flavour

The nutty flavours in a scoop of peanut butter make a good pair with breakfast cereals. Add it to milk or a plant-based alternative and dissolve it in the pan over medium heat before pouring it over your favourite cereals! Or mix it with fruit and add it as a cereal topping. 


4. Top it up with yoghurt

Yoghurt is a great cereal topping as it provides a source of protein and calcium. Whether you like the classic SHREDDED WHEAT® or you can’t get enough of the tongue-tingling whole grain SHREDDIES® squares, add a scoop of plain low-fat Greek yoghurt and start tucking into your bowl of cereals for a breakfast with added protein and flavour.


Fruits as Cereal Toppings

Fruits are a great cereal topping option to add a little natural sweetness and freshness to your bowl. When choosing fruit to put on your cereal, make sure to choose in-season fruit, such as ripe strawberries in the spring or blueberries in the summer. Fresh, frozen, canned or dried fruits also count, a portion of fruit can count towards 1 of your 5 a day!

Cereal toppings you can drizzle

Toppings that can be drizzled over your cereal are for those time when you fancy a treat, or a little extra sweetness to your breakfast. Here are some of the tastiest drizzle-able cereal toppings.


12. Runny honey

A little squeeze of honey can be a delicious cereal topping option. The sweet taste and smooth texture of honey can add an extra tasty treat layer to your breakfast bowl. On top of its sweetness, every time you buy local honey, you are supporting your local beekeeper – we are in full support of saving the bees!

13. Agave nectar 

Agave nectar is a very popular cereal topping. It is similar to honey; however, it isn’t as sweet or thick in texture as bee nectar! Commonly used as a vegan alternative to honey, agave is a sought-after cereal topping choice due to its natural taste.

14. Maple Syrup

This syrup is a classic breakfast staple and goes well with our SHREDDED WHEAT®! Maple syrup is a quick way to add a little sweetness to your bowl of Nestlé cereal, without any additional prepping. Low-sugar versions are also a great option for the family.

How to make cereal more interesting 

If you are still having trouble trying to master making your cereal interesting, then here are a few more ways you can do just that.

Make it into a smoothie

Turn your favourite cereal into a smoothie by blending the cereal to form a powder. Then add some fruit to complement the cereal, add your choice of milk or low-fat yoghurt, then get blending! We have a selection of great smoothie ideas, all using some of your favourite cereals such as SHREDDED WHEAT®, CURIOUSLY CINNAMON® and CHEERIOS®!

Try a plant-based milk alternative

Cereal and milk go hand-in-hand, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay true to cow’s milk! Try using a plant-based milk alternatives from time to time, to give your taste buds something a little different. Using plant-based drinks such as almond, coconut or soya serves up new and exciting flavours, and they all pair well with all our cereals. Using plant-based milk alternatives is also another way to continue enjoying cereal even if you don’t eat dairy.

Mix and match your cereal

Go for a mashup of your favourite cereals to get excited about your morning bowl of cereals.
Here are a few mix and match cereal ideas to get you started:

  • SHREDDIES® and CHEERIOS® make a delicious pairing and a satisfying crunch for breakfast time.
  • NESQUIK® and SHREDDIES® mix is full of flavour whole grain and tongue-tingling sensations.

Our BOX BOWLS® are also a great way to make breakfast more interesting! With a great selection of cereals, you can play a blind pull-one-out-of-the-hat game.
Hopefully the above options have given you some inspiration on how to make your breakfasts a little more interesting with cereal toppings. Next, check out our top ideas for a balanced breakfast and discover fun breakfast ideas to help you make the first meal of the day your kids’ favourite.