Breakfast Ideas

Delicious Cereal Toppings for Your Breakfast

Top Ideas for Delicious Cereal Toppings

Rise and shine with a breakfast you can have ready in seconds and so delicious that it will put a smile on your face.

The secret? Cereal toppings.

Cereal toppings for a protein breakfast

Whether you’re after a protein breakfast or just want to jazz up the morning meal, here is how to top up your favourite cereals with nutrients that will set up the whole family for the day ahead.


Chopped nuts for a crunchy breakfast

Add protein to your bowl of cereals with a crunchy addition. Cashews, almonds and walnuts are not only tasty, but they also add protein to your diet. So why not take crunchiness to a new level and add your favourite nuts to a bowl of Shreddies? Or pair it up with the chocolate fest in our Lion cereal for a delicious breakfast.


Peanut butter for a smooth nutty flavour

The nutty flavours in a scoop of peanut butter make a good pair with breakfast cereals. Add it to milk and dissolve it in the pan over medium heat before pouring it over your favourite cereals! Or mix it with fruit and add it as a cereal topping.


Top it up with yogurt for extra protein

Yoghurt is a great cereal topping as it provides a source of protein and calcium. Whether you like the classic Shredded Wheat or you can’t get enough of the tongue-tingling Curiously Cinnamon Bites, add a scoop of plain Greek yogurt and start tucking into your bowl of cereals for a breakfast with added protein and flavour.


Fruits as Cereal Toppings


The natural sweetness of the banana is enough of a good reason to add a few slices to your favourite cereals. But it’s the fibre content in this beloved fruit that makes it such a popular ingredient for breakfasts. Win-win!



Sprinkle blueberries on top of a GoFree bowl of cereal, add them to the honey-flavoured Golden Nuggets or pair them with the malty Shreddies. Either way, they're a delicious cereal topping to enjoy with the wonderful flavour of our fortified cereals.