Celebrating 70 years of Shreddies® Cereals!

Shreddies Cereal Pack 70th Anniversary

Shreddies®, the tasty squares that we all know and love. This Shreddies® Cereal birthday is no ordinary affair, this is their 70th birthday! These hardy, malty squares have been filling our bowls for decades, which is even more reason to celebrate 70 years of us together.

Shreddies 70th Anniversary Logo

Join us in celebrating Shreddies® Cereals 70th Birthday!

Shreddies® cereal is celebrating a milestone 70th anniversary this year having been a breakfast staple for families across the nation since 1953!


Keep an eye out for the updated packaging with a special golden crown to celebrate our 70-year birthday and join the celebrations across our social media by telling us your favourite Shreddies® memory using the hashtag #Shreddies70.


We’re pleased that this year we get to celebrate 70 years of one of our most iconic brands - something that has only been made possible thanks to the loyalty of our consumers. Thank you!

The history of Shreddies®

It’s safe to say that Shreddies® has been around the block a few times. In fact, we’ve been by the side of British families through all the iconic moments throughout the past 70 years.

Shreddies® were first produced in the UK in 1953 at the Shredded Wheat factory in Welwyn Garden City. Production moved to our factory in Staverton, Wiltshire in 2007.

70 years of Shreddies® hasn’t seen much change in the way that breakfast is served, however, with the combination of new flavours, and better promises, Shreddies has helped us and continues to help us pave the way for a better planet, and a better breakfast.  

While the shape hasn’t altered, we’ve continued to improve what’s in our Shreddies® Original recipe – making gradual reductions of salt and sugar, while gradually increasing the whole grain content as part of our commitment to make breakfast better for all. So, help us wish Shreddies® Cereal a Happy Birthday, and continue to love and cherish the famous breakfast cereal.

Shreddies cereal pieces in iconic dates
Shreddie For Anything

Shreddie For Anything for 70 Years… and counting

When you’re tucking into your morning bowl of Shreddies®, have you ever wondered how many of the milk-loving squares are made and enjoyed every day?


More than a quarter of a million meters of the malty, wheat squares made at the Nestlé factory in Staverton each day.


In fact, over the last 70 years, more than five million kilometres of Shreddies® have been enjoyed by consumers – enough to reach the moon and back more than six times.


And, whilst each square is made to a specific dimension, following feedback from consumers that kids loved the excitement of finding ‘extra-large’ Shreddies® in their breakfast bowls made up of several Shreddies® stuck together, we decided to put the cutting tools away!

Shreddies End Frame with all the products in a line. Shreddie For Anything

Shreddies® cereal for all the family

Over the years, Shreddies® Original has inspired multiple spin-off flavours, including, Shreddies® Frosted, Shreddies® Coco and the award-winning Shreddies® The Honey One variant which was named best cereal at this years’ Product of the Year awards.


Iconic Shreddies® advertising campaigns

As well as being known for giving families a delicious and nutritious* start to the day, over the last 70 years, Shreddies® has also been behind a number of iconic advertising campaigns – including the well-loved knitting nanas who featured for ten years, ‘knitting’ the individual malty squares.


The latest campaign, featuring Nick Knowles, was launched in 2021 and is aimed at empowering encouraging British families to be 'Shreddie for Anything'.


Tell us your favourite past Shreddies® advertising campaign on Twitter using hashtag #Shreddies70.

Shreddies packs from the past

Shreddies Pack Olf

Original Shreddies pack from 1999.

Shreddies Pack Frosted

Frosted Shreddies pack from 2001.

Coco Shreddies Old Pack

Coco Shreddies pack from 2005.

Frosted Shreddies Old Pack

Frosted Shreddies pack from 2008.

Honey Shreddies Old Pack

Honey Shreddies pack from 2011.

Original Shreddies Old Pack

Original Shreddies pack from 2011.

Shreddies Original Pack
2018 to present

Shreddies The Original pack from 2018 until now.

Hear from Julian who has worked on Shreddies® for 27 years

There’s no one better to tell us what it is like working with our iconic Shreddies® brand than Julian Roberts, who has worked 27 years at Cereal Partners.

It may be Shreddies® 70th anniversary, but has much changed over the years? And what lays behind those tasty malty squares we all know and love?

What do you love most about the Shreddies® brand?

It stayed true to its origins as a product. It's still the same shape, with the same four layers – it hasn't changed in 70 years. Yes, the product's formulation has evolved over the years in line with consumer expectations, and it probably doesn't have as much sugar as it did when I was a kid, but they still taste like Shreddies®.

What’s your favourite thing about working at the Staverton factory that makes Shreddies®?

It has always felt like a family without being one. I've stayed for the past 27 years because you always feel like you're contributing and there's always room to contribute. Everyone knows everyone, and it's a pleasant place to work.

Is there anything that surprised you about the product when you've been working with it?

I believe it is ultimately the beauty of its simplicity. When you consider that we've been doing this essentially the same way since 1953, I suppose there's an element of how clever they were back then to create a process that is still robust today.

We used to run a youth club, and on Fridays, we'd bring the club in, show them around the factory, and explain how it's made. And you can see people's eyes light up when they see how it's being created. Today, it still provides reliability and efficiency to produce.


A Shreddies Flavour For All The Family

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