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5 Fruit Smoothie Bowl Recipes for Breakfast to Start Your Day

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Nestle Cereals banana smoothie bowl

For a breakfast that makes the most out of the fruits and cereals you have in your home, a smoothie bowl recipe is a great idea. Topped with fresh fruits, nuts, and our cereals for a yummy crunch, these smoothie bowls are easy to make and so refreshing. Ready in 5 minutes, these recipes will quickly become a morning favourite.

See our list of recipes below for some fruity inspiration… 

How to make a smoothie bowl?

For all of our smoothie bowl recipes listed below, all you need to do is blend the ingredients together at a slow speed until the mix has a thick consistency that you can eat with a spoon. Then, top it with your cereals, fruits, nuts, seeds or other toppings of your choice.

Note: for the right smoothie bowl consistency, you might need to add something frozen in there! Frozen strawberries and bananas are always a great choice.

Smoothie bowl recipes to refresh your mornings

Making homemade smoothie bowls with the fruits you have in your house is a great way to use them up before they go bad. Top them with tasty cereal for a crunch and you’ve got a delightful smoothie bowl to start your day with! See our recipes below.

2. Green machine smoothie bowl

This ones for those who like a slightly sweeter flavour! Blend together banana, kiwi (without the skin), a handful of frozen mango, a handful of spinach, ½ teaspoon honey, and a few spoonfuls of low-fat Greek yogurt or a plant-based alternative such as soya or coconut. This smoothie bowl will look green but has delicious fruity flavours. If it’s too runny, next time opt for frozen bananas or popping in a few ice cubes.

Then, break apart some SHREDDED WHEAT® for the toppings. Top with a small drizzle of honey, fresh slices of kiwi, a drizzle of yoghurt and pumpkin seeds.


3. Pineapple, peach and papaya paradise smoothie bowl

For this tropical, easy smoothie bowl recipe, blend together a handful of frozen pineapple chunks, peach slices, banana, a few spoonfuls of low-fat Greek yoghurt or a plant-based alternative such as soya or coconut and ½ a tsp honey. If it’s too thick, simply add a touch of coconut water.

Top this tasty smoothie bowl with SHREDDED WHEAT® BLUEBERRY WHEATS for a crunch and add slices of papaya for that fresh and tropical taste in your mouth.


4. Mango, pineapple and date tropical treat smoothie bowl

This recipe is for those who love tropical fruity flavours and a slightly sweeter kick! Blend together a handful of frozen chunks of mango and pineapple and a splash of coconut water for a thick, yellow consistency. Then, add in a couple of dates (make sure to take the stone out from the middle) for a sweet taste. If it’s too runny, add in some ice cubes and blend.

Top with CHEERIOS® VANILLA O’S  for a subtle vanilla flavour that compliments the dates deliciously. Additionally, coconut shavings are a great addition for an even more tropical taste.


5. “Carrot cake  ” smoothie bowl

Yes, this is as good as it sounds! For this smoothie bowl recipe, you’ll need a bit more ice as the ingredients are more liquid-based. Alternatively, freeze your bananas and dates the night before!

Blend together a banana, a splash of carrot juice, 1-2 dates, a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg, and vanilla, along with a handful of ice.

TIP: A little squeeze of orange or a dash of orange juice is a great addition for that true carrot cake flavour.

To act as the spongy texture of a carrot cake, SHREDDED WHEAT® BITESIZE are a great addition to top your smoothie with. Add a small handful of walnuts, a sprinkle of coconut flakes and banana slices as well and you have a delicious smoothie bowl. Raisins are also a yummy addition instead of dates!

Try these recipes to make sure you and your family start your day off with a delicious and easy breakfast ahead of work or school. Of course, there are plenty of other marvellous creations you can make with our cereals, including smoothies on-the-go. Just take a look at our recipe hub for more great ideas!


We hope you enjoyed our list of smoothie bowl recipes. Why not take a look at some of the top excuses for skipping breakfast and how to avoid them, next?