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Top 5 Breakfast Ideas For Birthdays

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Cheerios mini Pancake stack

Birthdays are an important day for all of us, and nothing says ‘Happy Birthday!’ like a well-prepared breakfast. These easy and tasty cereal recipes are truly the gift that keeps on giving, made with some of the nation’s favourite cereal, and a lot of love. So, take a look at our breakfast ideas for birthdays that will make your special someone’s birthday extra special. 

Top 5 Birthday Breakfast Ideas

Birthdays are special occasions, and every one of them should be fun and full of happiness. A tasty and homemade breakfast will be a great start to your special someone’s day. That’s why we have made sure to put a list of yummy breakfast ideas for birthdays together so that all you need to do is get the ingredients and do the cooking!

1. Mini Whole Grain Pancakes

Nothing says ‘Happy Birthday’ more than tasty pancakes, which is why these CHEERIOS® mini whole grain pancakes are a great easy birthday breakfast option! Whether it’s a weekend or a weekday, these pancakes are ready in under 30 mins.

These are a yummy way to start your loved ones’ birthdays off. They are easy to make, just make sure you have a box of multigrain CHEERIOS® to hand! Our CHEERIOS® mini pancakes are great to pair with fresh fruit and low-fat yoghurt!

2. Tasty Chocolate Waffles 

Make your special someone’s birthday one to remember with these tasty NESQUIK® chocolate waffles. Our NESQUIK® cereal waffles are a flavoursome way to say happy birthday, with their crisp, soft and chocolatey taste, making any birthday memorable.
Why not add a little extra layer of flavour to your waffles, by sprinkling some tasty Nestlé Cereal over the top, and some tasty fruits or even a little drizzle of warm syrup?


3. Rainbow Jar

Add a touch of colour to your special someone’s birthday with our SHREDDIES® cereal rainbow jars. Bursting with fresh fruit and vibrant colours, our rainbow jars are a great way to bring a little extra happiness to their special day.
Why not add an extra topping layer to your rainbow jar with some of their favourite yoghurt or a sprinkle of their favourite Nestlé cereal on the top?  

5. Berry Blast Smoothie 

If you have a busy birthday planned, there is no better way to get your special someone ready for the day ahead than with a tasty smoothie. This berry blast smoothie is no ordinary smoothie, as it not only contains tasty fruit but also contains a handful of CHEERIOS® multigrain O’s. 

Our CHEERIOS® blueberry cereal smoothie is a tasty quick and easy breakfast that is destined to make any birthday extra special. 

Vegan Birthday Breakfast Ideas

Of course, we understand that some have dietary requirements, or follow a certain diet, which is why we wanted to ensure we put a list together of birthday breakfast ideas suitable for vegans. That will make any birthday extra special. 


Vegan Berry Smoothie

Vegan berry smoothies are both delicious and easy to make. They are great for a busy birthday morning. Made with any plant-based milk alternative option, frozen berries, banana and a handful of SHREDDIES®, this smoothie is ready in just 5 minutes. 

Our SHREDDIE® vegan berry smoothie can be served with an extra sprinkling of SHREDDIES® cereal for an added crunch.

Vegan breakfast bars

These vegan bars are full of yummy berry flavours. They are also a tasty breakfast to make for a special birthday breakfast too. All you need is some orange or apple juice, jumbo rolled oats, crumbled SHREDDED WHEAT Original® Cereal, hazelnuts & almonds, dried apricots, raisins, and some sunflower seeds. 

Our SHREDDED WHEAT® breakfast bars are great to make up in big batches too! Once made and stored in an air-tight container, these will last a few days and will still hold their fruity flavour. 

Gluten-Free Birthday Breakfast ideas

Making sure to adhere to dietary requirements is important, which is why we wanted to make sure we offered some tasty gluten-free breakfast ideas for birthdays that are great for a little morning surprise!

Gluten-free berry oatmeal muesli

Get their birthday off to a tasty start with gluten-free muesli. This birthday breakfast will need to be put together the night before. Simply heat the oven and spread some walnuts, Gluten Free honey cornflakes, or plain cornflakes, and oats onto a baking tray. Then, mix some honey and buttery baking spread and drizzle over your cereal mixture.

Bake the muesli for 15 to 18 minutes, and stir halfway through. Once cooled, pop the muesli in a serving bowl with low fat yoghurt and a good topping of fresh fruits.

Why should Nestlé Cereals be used as an ingredient?

We have been on a journey for the past 18 years to make sure our cereal recipes make breakfast even better. That means, we have worked on increasing their whole grain and fibre, whilst making sure to reduce their sugar and salt content

All Nestlé cereals which carry a Green banner have whole grain as the number one ingredient. Many Nestlé breakfast cereals are fortified with 5 vitamins and 2 minerals, including riboflavin, niacin, B6, folic acid, pantothenic acid, iron , calcium and vitamin D. Combining your favourite breakfast cereal with different toppings and fruit, or using them in tasty breakfast recipes is a great way to add some excitement to your breakfast.

Breakfast is always a fun way to kick off any birthday celebration, which is why we wanted to give you the ultimate breakfast ideas for birthdays to make all celebrations that extra bit special! What better way to say ‘Happy Birthday’ than with some of our delicious breakfast recipe ideas, that all incorporate our tasty cereals? We can’t think of a better way to do that!
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