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Our Tasty SHREDDED WHEAT® Breakfast Recipes

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Shredded Wheat Breakfast bars with a fruit selection

Made with just one ingredient, delicious and crisp whole grain wheat. These pillow-shaped biscuits are now available in two sizes; original and bite-sized! There is a SHREDDED WHEAT® for everyone, which is why we have come up with some tasty recipes to showcase the different ways SHREDDED WHEAT® can be used and enjoyed.

So, want to know more ways in which you can incorporate SHREDDED WHEAT® in your recipes? Discover, our lip-licking SHREDDED WHEAT® recipes. 

SHREDDED WHEAT® recipes for every occasion

Start your day the tasty way, with these delicious SHREDDED WHEAT® recipes. Have your bowl, your way, with our selection of recipes. From breakfast bars to smoothies, SHREDDED WHEAT® can be enjoyed in so many more ways.


SHREDDED WHEAT® breakfast bars

These breakfast bars are easy to make and will make sure you start your day the tasty way! They contain 7 ingredients and are ready to munch on in under 20 minutes. Over the years, granola and muesli-based cereal bars have grown in popularity due to their taste and convenience. This is why our SHREDDED WHEAT® cereal bars are a great choice for your on-the-go morning breakfast

SHREDDED WHEAT® coconut & mango smoothie 

Smoothies really can be made with cereal! And SHREDDED WHEAT® cereal too. This delicious coconut and mango smoothie is the tasty way to start your day. Easy to blend up and take with you to work, or to drink during your commute, this SHREDDED WHEAT® mango and coconut smoothie is a delicious way to get your spring in your step. 

What else can I have with SHREDDED WHEAT®?

There are of course other ways to enjoy SHREDDED WHEAT®. Our tag line is ‘Your Bowl Your Way’ which is why we want to give you even more ways to make the most out of your bowl.

There are a range of cereal toppings that pair well with our much-loved SHREDDED WHEAT® cereal. From fresh berries, dried fruit, nuts, and honey, to yoghurt and seeds, there are a variety of tasty toppings to elevate your cereal bowl.

Our flavoursome SHREDDED WHEAT® cake recipes

SHREDDED WHEAT® can be used for so much more than to fill up your morning bowl of cereal. From cupcakes to simnel loaves, we have some tasty treats and cake-inspired recipes for you.


SHREDDED WHEAT lemon drizzle loaf

There has never been one person that can turn down a slice of cake, especially this SHREDDED WHEAT® drizzle loaf. Not only does this lemon drizzle loaf contain 12 ingredients, but you don’t need to rush out to buy flour for it either! Thanks to our trusty SHREDDED WHEAT® you can make your own flour. 

Ready in under 2 hours, and serving up to 10, this lemon drizzle loaf is tasty and is a delicious treat that goes well with a cup of tea. 

SHREDDED WHEAT® Easter nests

SHREDDED WHEAT® are an all-time classic to enjoy and share during the Easter holidays! These fit-for-an-Easter-bunny chocolate nests are made with SHREDDED WHEAT®, milk chocolate and SMARTIES® Mini Eggs. These are great fun to share at an Easter weekend party, or to use as part of your Children’s Easter Egg hunt! But you can enjoy them at any celebration too.

Made in just under 10 minutes, these SHREDDED WHEAT® Easter nests are quick, tasty and fun to share with family and friends.

SHREDDED WHEAT® simnel loaf

If you are wanting to spice things up a little, then this SHREDDED WHEAT® simnel loaf is just the ticket! Have your cake, and eat it, with this easy-to-make and tasty loaf. Traditionally eaten at Easter, however, simnel loafs used to be associated with Mothering Sunday. So, this SHREDDED WHEAT® simnel loaf is a very special and tasty cake to share with your mother on their special day! 

SHREDDED WHEAT® options for everyone

There are so many ways in which SHREDDED WHEAT® can be enjoyed, or used to bake with. What if you just want a bowl of SHREDDED WHEAT® but prefer a little more flavour to it? Well, we have plenty of yummy options for just that. Take a look at all of our SHREDDED WHEAT® cereal and have your bowl, your way, every morning.

SHREDDED WHEAT® Blueberry Wheats

SHREDDED WHEAT® Blueberry wheats are small pillows filled with a tasty fruity blueberry filling adding a fruity twist to a breakfast classic. Taste a fruity kind of SHREDDED WHEAT® to start your morning the right way.



SHREDDED WHEAT® Apricot biscuits are filled with a tasty and flavoursome apricot filling. Combining the pillow-shaped biscuit we all know and love with an extra bit of fruity flare. Start your mornings with these tasty apricot pillows.

The benefits of Nestlé Cereal ingredients 

There are many ways to include Nestlé cereals as part of your morning breakfast. Between 2010 and 2020, we have been on a journey to make sure our cereal products and recipes make breakfast even better. That means, we have been working on increasing whole grain and fibre, whilst making sure to reduce their sugar and salt content.
All of our Nestlé cereals which carry a Green banner have whole grain as the number one ingredient. Many Nestlé breakfast cereals are fortified with vitamins and minerals, too. Find out more about fortified cereals. Combining your favourite breakfast cereal with different toppings and fruit, or using them in recipes is a great way to add some excitement to your breakfast.

Of course, there are many more ways to enjoy SHREDDED WHEAT®, and we would love to hear of your marvellous creations too! There are plenty of other fun creations you can make with any of our cereals, just take a look at our recipe hub for more great ideas.