Breakfast Ideas

Different Breakfasts Around the World

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Whether you live in Bangkok, Paris or Peru, breakfast is a very important meal.

And whilst cereal is loved all over the world, many countries have their own
unique breakfast traditions. We’ve picked a few from around the globe. Now
all you have to do is book a round-the-world trip to try them all…

Costa Rica: waking up in style

Cock-a-doodle-do! There’s nothing like a bit of ‘spotted rooster’ to wake you up in the morning. Made up of black beans, rice, salsa and avocado, this delicious mixture is eaten with a corn tortilla and fried plantain.

We’re thinking this heavenly combo should become a famous breakfast around the world, not just in Costa Rica.

Although what people eat for breakfast around the world is quite a patchwork, we’re all aiming to get as much nutrients as possible in the small window of time we call breakfast. If you want to find out how to add a well-balanced breakfast to the morning routine, read our handy guide.